Do You Need PS Plus for Minecraft Multiplayer? Find Out!

do you need ps plus to play minecraft with friends

Jumping into the Minecraft world on PlayStation? You might wonder if you need a PlayStation Plus subscription. This article breaks down the connection between PS Plus and Minecraft’s online multiplayer.

What is PS Plus and how does it work?

PS Plus is a subscription service that provides PlayStation users with various benefits and features, such as:

• Access to online multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5

• Free monthly games that you can download and keep as long as you are subscribed

• Exclusive discounts and deals on games, add-ons, and more

• Cloud storage for game saves and data

• Share Play, which lets you share your screen or controller with another PS Plus user

• Priority access to game trials, betas, and demos

• PS Plus Collection, which gives you access to a library of classic PS4 games on PS5

PS Plus is available in different plans and prices, depending on your region and preference. You can choose from:

• Monthly plan: $9.99 / £6.99 / €7.99 per month

• Quarterly plan: $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99 per 3 months

• Annual plan: $59.99 / £49.99 / €59.99 per year

You can purchase PS Plus from the PlayStation Store or from retailers. You can also use prepaid cards or gift cards to pay for PS Plus.
You can cancel your PS Plus subscription at any time from your account settings. However, you will lose access to all the benefits and features of PS Plus once your subscription expires.

What is PS Plus and how does it work?

Do you need PS Plus to play Minecraft online on PlayStation?

The short answer is yes, you do need PS Plus to play Minecraft online on PlayStation.

Minecraft is one of the games that require PS Plus for online multiplayer on PS4 and PS5. This means that you need an active PS Plus subscription to join or host online servers in Minecraft on PlayStation.

However, there are some exceptions and alternatives that you should know about:

• You do not need PS Plus to play Minecraft offline or in local multiplayer mode. You can still enjoy the game solo or with your friends using split-screen or LAN (local area network) mode.

• You do not need PS Plus to play cross-platform multiplayer with other devices that support Minecraft Bedrock Edition, such as Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, etc. You can use a free Microsoft account to sign in to Minecraft on PlayStation and play with other players across different platforms.

• You do not need PS Plus to access Realms or Realms Plus, which are private online servers that you can create or join using a paid subscription service from Mojang Studios. Realms and Realms Plus let you play with up to 10 players at a time, regardless of their platform or PS Plus status.

• You do not need PS Plus to access servers that are hosted by third-party providers or dedicated software, such as NukkitX or PocketMine-MP. These servers are independent from the official Minecraft servers and may offer different features, mods, plugins, etc. However, these servers are not officially supported by Mojang Studios or Sony Interactive Entertainment and may have security or compatibility issues.


Minecraft and Multiplayer Gaming

Minecraft, a sandbox game that has taken the world by storm, is cherished for its immersive multiplayer mode. This feature has transformed the game from a solitary experience into a community-driven platform. Players from different corners of the globe connect, collaborate, and compete in diverse virtual landscapes.

At its core, Minecraft’s multiplayer facet allows players to join or create servers. These can range from private worlds, where friends embark on collective adventures, to massive public servers hosting mini-games and thematic realms. The latter often feels like an entirely new game within Minecraft!

But what truly elevates the multiplayer experience is the sense of community. Players trade resources, share building techniques, and even engage in large-scale projects, showcasing the essence of teamwork. The limitless possibilities in Minecraft, coupled with the human desire for connection, have solidified its place as a titan in the realm of multiplayer gaming.

For those new to the game or returning after a hiatus, diving into multiplayer can be a revelation. With constant updates and an ever-growing community, Minecraft ensures that the multiplayer experience remains fresh, engaging, and endlessly creative.

Minecraft’s Multiplayer Mode: Basics

To play online multiplayer in Minecraft on PlayStation,
you need to follow these steps:

1.  Launch Minecraft on your PlayStation device and sign in to your Microsoft account.
2. Select Play from the main menu and choose one of the options: Create New,
Joinable Friends,
or Realms Plus.
3. Depending on your option,
you can either create a new world,
join an existing world,
browse the list of public servers,
or access your private realms.
4. Customize your multiplayer settings as you wish,
such as game mode,
world type,
5. Choose who can join your online server from the options: Invite Only,
Friends Only,
or Friends of Friends.
6. Select Play and wait for your online server to load.
To play online multiplayer in Minecraft on PlayStation,
you also need to know some basic tips and tricks,

such as:

• How to invite or join other players in your online server

• How to chat and voice chat with other players in your online server

• How to share your creations and adventures in your online server

• How to manage your online server settings and permissions

• How to leave or exit your online server

We will cover these tips and tricks in more detail in the following sections.

PS Plus and Multiplayer: The Connection

For many Minecraft enthusiasts using PlayStation, the bridge between solo gameplay and online multiplayer adventures lies in PlayStation Plus (PS Plus). But what’s the link?

PS Plus is Sony’s subscription service, essential for accessing online multiplayer on most of its games, including Minecraft. In essence, if you wish to roam Minecraft worlds with friends or engage in massive community-built servers on PlayStation, a PS Plus subscription becomes necessary.

Beyond just enabling multiplayer features, PS Plus offers added benefits, such as free monthly games and exclusive store discounts, enhancing the overall PlayStation gaming experience. However, for Minecrafters, its primary allure remains the gateway it provides to a more communal and interconnected block-building experience.

It’s worth noting that while local co-op or split-screen doesn’t necessitate PS Plus, those yearning for global connectivity won’t bypass this subscription. As Minecraft evolves and the urge to connect with the wider community grows stronger, understanding the PS Plus role becomes paramount for PlayStation users.

PS Plus and Multiplayer: The Connection

The Cost Implications

For many Minecraft enthusiasts on PlayStation, the appeal of multiplayer is undeniable. However, accessing this feature comes with a price tag: the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscription. But what exactly are these costs, and is it worth the expense?

A PS Plus subscription varies in pricing, with options for monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. While the actual cost can change based on region and promotions, typically, a yearly subscription offers the best value for money. This membership doesn’t just grant Minecraft multiplayer access but also offers other perks like free monthly games and exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store.

When considering Minecraft, the cost question becomes: how vital is the online multiplayer experience to you? If building worlds alongside friends or exploring vast community servers is a priority, then the PS Plus price might be justified. However, for players content with single-player or local split-screen adventures, the subscription might not be as pressing.

In conclusion, while PS Plus introduces an added cost for Minecraft players on PlayStation, the decision ultimately hinges on one’s gaming preferences. Balancing your multiplayer desires against the subscription fee will guide your choice. Always assess the value proposition before diving into the expansive world of online Minecraft.

How to share your creations and adventures in Minecraft on PlayStation?

Minecraft on PlayStation offers a sandbox of creativity, where every build, adventure, and discovery is a unique tale waiting to be shared. So, how do you let the world see your Minecraft masterpieces on PlayStation?

  1. In-Game Screenshots: With a quick tap of the “Share” button on your DualShock 4 controller, capture in-game screenshots. Once captured, navigate to the ‘Capture Gallery’, select your screenshot, and choose the platform you want to share on – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or other integrated platforms.
  2. Video Clips: Holding the “Share” button lets you record the last 15 minutes of gameplay. This feature is perfect for showcasing that daring escape from a cave or your intricate redstone contraption in action.
  3. Stream Live: If you’re feeling adventurous, broadcast your gameplay in real-time using platforms like Twitch or YouTube directly from your PlayStation console. A PS Plus subscription is not mandatory for this.
  4. Minecraft Realms: A paid subscription service where you can host your world, making it easier for friends and other players to visit and marvel at your creations.
  5. Send Directly to Friends: Using PlayStation’s messaging system, share screenshots and video clips directly with friends.

What are the best online servers and modes for Minecraft on PlayStation?

Navigating the vast universe of Minecraft servers on PlayStation can be a daunting task, but for those keen to dive into the best multiplayer experiences, here’s a concise guide.

  1. Minecraft Realms: An official Mojang server subscription, Realms lets you create and manage a private server. Perfect for close friends and controlled settings.
  2. Featured Servers: Introduced with the Bedrock Edition, these servers are handpicked by Mojang. Top choices include Mineplex, CubeCraft Games, and Galaxite. They offer mini-games, challenges, and fresh experiences.
  3. Adventure Mode: Dive deep into user-created maps. Experience new storylines, quests, and unique environments without altering game blocks.

How to troubleshoot common issues and errors when playing online in Minecraft on PlayStation?

Experiencing hiccups while venturing through Minecraft’s vast landscapes on PlayStation? Here’s a brief guide to smooth out those wrinkles:

  1. Connection Errors: Ensure your PlayStation is connected to the internet. Restart your router, and if needed, contact your service provider. Make sure PlayStation Network (PSN) services are up and running.
  2. Game Freezes/Crashes: First, try restarting the game. If persistent, reinstall Minecraft but remember to back up your saved worlds first.
  3. Cannot Join Friends: Check both parties have an active PlayStation Plus membership. Ensure you’re both using the same Minecraft edition (Java or Bedrock).
  4. Missing Skins or Texture Packs: Restore licenses from the PlayStation settings menu. If purchased content is missing, reach out to PlayStation support.
  5. Worlds Not Loading: This could be due to corrupted save data. Back up current saves, delete the problematic world, and then reload from a backup.
  6. Gameplay Lag: Close background apps or games on PlayStation. Also, if your world size is too extensive, consider trimming it or starting anew.
  7. Error Messages: Note down specific error codes and consult Minecraft’s official forums or PlayStation’s support page.


To sum it up, if you’re aiming for a comprehensive online multiplayer experience in Minecraft on PlayStation, PS Plus is a must-have. While it comes at a cost, the array of features makes it an enticing proposition.


Q: Do other games on PlayStation require PS Plus for multiplayer?
A: Most online multiplayer games on PlayStation do require it.

Q: If I have Minecraft on another platform, can I connect with PlayStation friends without PS Plus?
A: While cross-play is available, PlayStation users will still need PS Plus to play online.

Q: Are there discounts or promotions for PS Plus?
A: Yes, PlayStation often offers promotions or bundle deals.

Q: What are the safety measures in place for kids playing Minecraft online?
A: PlayStation provides parental controls and Minecraft has in-game reporting.

Q: How does Minecraft on PlayStation compare to other platforms in terms of gameplay experience?
A: Gameplay is largely consistent across platforms, but each has unique features. PlayStation offers immersive console gaming with the added perks of PS Plus.

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