How to Buy Minecraft for Someone Else: Step-by-Step Guide

how to buy minecraft for someone else


Minecraft, the game we adore! Thinking of gifting someone the joy of blocks and adventures? This guide helps you buy Minecraft for another person, ensuring their entry into this pixelated realm is smooth.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Minecraft for Someone Else

Gifting Minecraft? Excellent choice! However, before you click ‘buy’, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, know your options. Minecraft isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it comes in distinct editions like the popular Minecraft Java and the versatile Bedrock Edition. The difference? Java is exclusive to PC, while Bedrock is available on multiple devices.

Next, think about the recipient’s device. Do they play on a console, PC, or mobile? Each device type might require a different version. Additionally, keep in mind that the person you’re gifting needs a Mojang account to play. If they don’t have one, the process could involve an extra step.

Payment methods matter too. Whether you’re using credit cards, gift cards, or other online transaction options, ensure compatibility with your chosen purchase platform.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Minecraft for Someone Else

Pre-Purchase Considerations

  • Minecraft Java vs. Bedrock Edition: Decide between the PC-exclusive Java edition and the multi-device Bedrock edition.
  • Account Creation: The recipient needs a Mojang account. If they don’t have one, create one for them or guide them through the process.
  • Payment Methods: Cards, gift cards, or online transaction options are available.

How to Buy Minecraft Dungeons for Someone Else

Minecraft Dungeons, a thrilling dungeon-crawler game inspired by classic adventures, has carved its niche within the Minecraft universe. Here’s your succinct guide to gifting it.

Begin on the official Minecraft Dungeons website. Here, you’ll find purchasing options for different platforms, be it PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

Determine your recipient’s preferred platform. Each one will lead you to the respective online store. If you’re gifting for PC, two versions exist: Minecraft Dungeons Windows and Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. The latter includes a Hero Pass, granting access to two DLC packs.

For gifting digitally, choose the ‘Buy as Gift’ option. Enter the recipient’s email address, ensuring it’s linked to their gaming account (e.g., a Microsoft account for Xbox). Post-purchase, they’ll receive a gift code to redeem.

Physical gift cards are another route. Most gaming stores stock Minecraft Dungeons prepaid cards. Just like the digital code, these cards will contain a unique code for game redemption.

Step-by-Step Buying Process

  1. Navigate to the Minecraft website.
  2. Select the edition you wish to gift.
  3. Click ‘Buy as Gift.’
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address.
  5. Choose a payment method and confirm!

How to Buy Minecraft Education Edition for Someone Else

Gifting the world of Minecraft isn’t just about adventures and blocks; it can also be a ticket to an interactive learning experience with the Minecraft Education Edition. Here’s how to gift this unique edition seamlessly.

Start with the device in mind. Minecraft Education Edition isn’t universal; it’s optimized for classroom devices. Check if the recipient’s device is compatible.

Visit the official Minecraft Education Edition page on the Minecraft website. It’s crucial to purchase from official sources to ensure legitimacy and safety. On the site, there’ll be clear purchasing options. Unlike the regular game, the Education Edition often requires licenses based on usage, so select accordingly.

Most purchases will provide a code. Send this code to your recipient via email, a printed card, or even a text message. This code will allow them to redeem their new educational gameplay experience.

One last tip: It might be worthwhile to share some resources or tutorials specific to the Education Edition. This aids them in leveraging the platform’s full potential, making your gift not just fun but truly enlightening.

How to Buy Minecraft Realms for Someone Else

Thinking of gifting a private Minecraft world? Minecraft Realms is your answer! A subscription-based service, Realms lets players host their worlds without the hassle of setting up their own server. Here’s how you can gift one.

Firstly, remember that there are two main types of Realms: Realms for the Minecraft Java Edition and Realms Plus for the Bedrock Edition. Ensure you’re purchasing the correct one based on the recipient’s gameplay version.

Navigate to the Minecraft website and go to the Realms section. While you can’t buy a subscription directly as a gift, you can purchase prepaid cards specifically for Realms.

Many reputable game retailers and online stores offer these Minecraft prepaid cards. Buy one, and you’ll receive a unique code. Gift this code to your friend via email, handwritten note, or however you prefer.

The recipient will then redeem the code on their Mojang account. Voila! They’ll have access to their own Realm, thanks to you.

How to Buy Minecraft Merchandise for Someone Else

Minecraft’s blocky charm doesn’t just reside on screens; it’s taken the merchandise world by storm! From plush toys to apparel, gifting a piece of Minecraft’s tangible universe is a delightful gesture. Here’s how you can nail it.

Begin by identifying what the recipient might love. Are they into collectibles? A Minecraft-themed LEGO set could be perfect. More of a fashionista? Minecraft shirts or pajamas are aplenty.

Next, head over to the official Minecraft website. It boasts a ‘Shop’ section, linking to Mojang’s trusted retail partners. This ensures genuine, quality products.

Remember to consider the recipient’s location. Some stores may not ship internationally or could incur high shipping fees. Always double-check shipping durations, especially if it’s a time-sensitive gift.

For a personalized touch, consider adding a Minecraft gift card. This would allow them to select in-game skins or textures, complementing their physical merchandise.

Gifting Physical Copies

Handing someone a tangible gift has its unique charm. When it comes to Minecraft, gifting a physical copy is reminiscent of the good old days of boxed games. Here’s your guide to doing it right.

Firstly, determine the platform. Minecraft has versions for PC, consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, and even some mobile devices. Each has a distinct boxed version.

Pop into a reputable gaming store. Most will have a Minecraft section, given its popularity. For PC players, you’re looking for the Minecraft Java Edition or the Bedrock Edition based on their preference.

When buying for consoles, ensure the version matches the recipient’s device model. For instance, Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions differ.

Inside each physical box is a treasure: a unique game code. This code, when entered into the respective platform’s store (or Minecraft website for PC versions), unlocks the game.

A tip? Pair the gift with a Minecraft-themed greeting card for that extra touch.

In a digital age, gifting a physical Minecraft copy is both nostalgic and thoughtful. It’s not just a game; it’s a piece of art, a keepsake, a tangible piece of the Minecraft universe!

Gifting Physical Copies

After the Purchase

So, you’ve bought Minecraft for someone else. But, what comes next? The post-purchase journey in Minecraft is just as exciting, ensuring the recipient reaps all the game’s joys.

After purchasing, especially digital editions, it’s paramount to ensure the recipient receives the gift code. Whether through email or a physical note, make sure they have easy access.

Next, guide them (if needed) to redeem the code on the appropriate platform: the Minecraft website for Java Edition or the console’s store for Bedrock Edition.

It’s not just about the base game. Introduce them to the world of skins, texture packs, and mods. These allow for a tailored Minecraft experience, making gameplay even more engaging. Remember, some of these might be paid, so the recipient may need additional Minecraft prepaid cards or other payment methods.

Encourage them to join the vibrant Minecraft community. Forums, YouTube channels, and multiplayer servers abound, enriching the gameplay experience.


Congratulations! You now have a solid understanding of how to buy Minecraft for someone else. Whether you’re purchasing the Java or Bedrock edition, there are various options available through official stores and online platforms. Remember, sharing the joy of Minecraft with your loved ones is just a few clicks away!

Now that you know the ins and outs of buying Minecraft as a gift, it’s time to take action. Surprise your friends or family members with this fantastic game and watch their faces light up with excitement. Don’t wait any longer – start spreading the Minecraft magic today!


  • Can I transfer a Minecraft account to another person?
    Transfer isn’t straightforward. It’s best to buy a new copy.
  • How do I make sure the recipient gets their gift?
    Check your order details and their inbox.
  • What happens if they already own Minecraft?
    Gift codes can sometimes be returned or exchanged.
  • Are there any region restrictions for gifting Minecraft?
    Mostly no, but always check the specific edition’s terms.
  • How can I add additional content or mods to my gift?
    Buy them additional content from the Minecraft store or guide them to mod sites.

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