how to give yourself a command block in Minecraft: Ultimate Guide

how to give yourself a command block in minecraft


Minecraft, a game we all adore, is rich in features, allowing players like us to showcase creativity and innovation. Central to this is the command block. What is this block, and why is it so pivotal?

What is a Command Block and Why You Need It

The command block in Minecraft isn’t your average block. It’s a powerhouse! With it, you can execute commands, changing the very fabric of your game world. Think of it as the console of your game but in block form. Need a reward like a diamond block for your custom map? The command block has your back.

What is a Command Block and Why You Need It


Minecraft, the iconic sandbox game, isn’t just about creativity; it’s about preparation. Before diving deep, understanding prerequisites is essential:

  1. Hardware Compatibility: Ensure your device meets the recommended specifications for a smooth gameplay experience.
  2. Game Version: Minecraft editions differ (Java, Bedrock). Choose based on desired features and platform compatibility.
  3. World Settings: Before creating a new world, decide on game mode (Survival, Creative, etc.), difficulty level, and if cheats are allowed.
  4. Basic Controls: Familiarize yourself with key commands – moving, jumping, crafting, and inventory management.
  5. Safety First: Especially in survival mode, securing basic resources like wood, coal, and food is crucial before nightfall to ward off mobs.

The Steps to Acquiring a Command Block

  1. Open Chat: The first step is accessing the chat. On PC, simply press ‘T’.
  2. Enter Command: Type the following command to add a command block to your inventory: /give @p command_block.

Differentiating Between Command Block Types

Minecraft offers three main types of command blocks:

  • Impulse: Executes once.
  • Chain Command Blocks: Run after the previous command block.
  • Repeat: Keeps the commands rolling.

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

Minecraft’s command block is a powerful tool that can automate in-game processes, execute commands, and even transform gameplay. Here’s how to get one:

  1. Ensure Enable Cheats: Before acquiring a command block, make sure your Minecraft world has cheats enabled. This is usually set when creating a new world or can be changed in Open to LAN settings.
  2. Open the Chat: Simply press ‘T’ or the assigned key to open the chat window in your game.
  3. Enter the Command: In the chat window, type the following command: /give @p command_block. Press Enter.
  4. Collect and Use: A command block will appear in your inventory. Right-click (or tap) to access its user interface and enter desired commands.

How to Give Yourself a Command Block in Minecraft Using Cheats

To harness the power of advanced in-game commands, Minecraft players often turn to the indispensable Command Block. However, obtaining one isn’t straightforward. Follow these steps for a seamless process:

  1. Enable Cheats: Start by creating a new world or editing an existing world. Under ‘More World Options’, ensure ‘Allow Cheats’ is set to ‘ON’.
  2. Initiate Command Mode: Press ‘T’ or ‘/’ to open the chat window.
  3. Input Command: Type /give @p command_block and press Enter. This will instantly place a Command Block in your inventory.
  4. Use Responsibly: Command Blocks have potent capabilities. Ensure you understand command consequences before executing them.

Empower your Minecraft experience with the Command Block, but always exercise caution. A little preparation ensures creative freedom without unforeseen disruptions.

How to Set Up a Command Block in Minecraft

Harnessing the capabilities of Minecraft’s command block can redefine gameplay experiences. Here’s a concise guide to set it up:

  1. Access the Block: After obtaining the command block (using /give @p command_block), place it in the desired location by right-clicking or tapping the screen.
  2. Interface Engagement: Right-click (or tap) on the block to open its GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  3. Command Entry: Inside the GUI, there’s a text box. Here, input your desired command.
  4. Set Block Type: Choose between the block types – Impulse (executes once), Chain (executes in a chain sequence), or Repeat (executes continuously).
  5. Redstone Mode: Choose from ‘Always Active’ for auto-execution or ‘Needs Redstone’ to activate with redstone power.
  6. Confirm with ‘Done’: After entering your command and choosing settings, click ‘Done’.

Basic Uses for Command Blocks

Minecraft’s command blocks offer game enthusiasts powerful tools for customization and control. With the ability to execute specific game commands, they add an element of automation and flair to the game:

  1. Teleportation: Using a command block, players can effortlessly teleport to predefined coordinates or towards other players.
  2. Entity Control: Spawn creatures or objects, or change entity behaviors swiftly.
  3. Game Tweaks: Modify game rules, from daylight cycles to weather conditions.
  4. Custom Messages: Share vital information or playful messages with players.
  5. Redstone Integration: Amplify Redstone contraptions, making intricate devices or traps.

For creators aiming for an interactive Minecraft experience, command blocks serve as the perfect ally. Remember, harnessing their full potential requires a command syntax understanding, so dive in and innovate!

How to Give Yourself a Command Block in Minecraft Using Commands

Unlocking the creative power of Minecraft involves mastering tools like the command block. Here’s a quick guide to grant yourself this mighty block using commands:

  1. Game Mode: Ensure you’re in Creative Mode. If not, switch using /gamemode creative.
  2. Permissions: To use commands, you need to be an operator in multiplayer mode or have cheats enabled in single-player.
  3. Command Input: Press ‘T’ or ‘/key’ to open the chat. Type: /give @p command_block and press enter.
  4. Accessing Command Block: The block now appears in your inventory. Right-click it to access its interface and input commands.

Advanced Command Block Techniques

Command blocks are Minecraft’s powerhouse, elevating gameplay beyond the ordinary. For those ready to dive deeper:

  1. Chain Command Blocks: Connect multiple blocks for sequential command execution. Use the ‘Always Active’ mode for continuous operation without Redstone.
  2. Comparators and Conditionals: Integrate Redstone comparators for conditional command execution based on prior command success.
  3. Data Tags: Refine entity selection using specific attributes, ensuring precision in command application.
  4. Customizable NPCs: Design non-playable characters with unique behaviors and dialogues.
  5. Function Files: Use in tandem with datapacks, letting players chain several commands, streamlining complex processes.

Safety and Ethical Considerations

Remember, while command blocks empower, they also bear responsibility. Respect server rules and always back up your world.

Safety and Ethical Considerations


Congratulations! You’ve now learned all about command blocks in Minecraft, from understanding their purpose and function to obtaining and using them in different editions of the game. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level!

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. Experiment with different types of command blocks, unleash their power, and create amazing structures, contraptions, and adventures within the virtual world. Don’t be afraid to get creative and push the boundaries of what’s possible in Minecraft.

So go ahead, dive back into the game armed with your newfound command block expertise. Challenge yourself to become a master builder and redstone engineer. The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to shape your own Minecraft universe!


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving yourself a command block using commands, creative mode, or cheats?
    • Commands provide precision, creative mode is straightforward, while cheats can be deemed unfair.
  • What are the best methods or situations to use for giving yourself a command block in Minecraft?
    • It depends on your needs. Commands for specific tasks, creative mode for general access.
  • How can I customize or modify my command blocks using commands, creative mode, or cheats?
    • Using the command interface, you can input any command that suits your gameplay.
  • How can I share my command blocks with other players in Minecraft?
    • Share the specific commands or use structure blocks to export parts of your world.
  • How can I learn more about commands and command blocks in Minecraft?
    • Dive into the official Minecraft wiki, join forums, or watch tutorials for in-depth guides.


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