How to Repair Fishing Rod in Minecraft: Ultimate Guide

how to repair fishing rod minecraft

Minecraft, a game of creativity and survival, offers players a myriad of items and tools. One such item, crucial for many, is the fishing rod. For fishing enthusiasts, it’s more than just a tool; it’s a lifeline. But what happens when it wears out? This guide covers everything you need to know about repairing your fishing rod in Minecraft.


If you’ve spent time fishing in the blocky waters of Minecraft, you’ve likely felt the thrill of the reel and the disappointment of a worn-out rod. Like all tools in the game, fishing rods have a durability limit. Let’s dive deep into the world of fishing rods and their repairs.

Understanding the Minecraft Fishing Rod

Before we dive into the methods of repairing fishing rods in Minecraft, let’s review some basics of fishing rods. Fishing rods are tools that can be used to catch items from water sources. There are different types of fishing rods in Minecraft, such as regular, enchanted, or damaged.

Each type of fishing rod has its own characteristics, such as appearance, durability, enchantments, etc. For example, regular fishing rods are plain and have a durability of 64 uses. Enchanted fishing rods have glowing effects and have special abilities, such as increased luck or durability. Damaged fishing rods have cracks and have reduced durability.

You can identify the type of fishing rod by its name or by using commands. The name of the fishing rod is usually displayed in your inventory or hotbar when you select it or hover over it. The command /data get entity @s SelectedItem will show you the data tags of the fishing rod that you are holding.

Understanding the Minecraft Fishing Rod

Signs Your Fishing Rod Needs Repair

Fishing rods have limited durability and can break after repeated use. You can tell if your fishing rod needs repair by looking at its appearance or durability bar. The appearance of your fishing rod will change from new to worn to broken as it loses durability. The durability bar of your fishing rod will show how much durability it has left as a green line below its icon.

You can also check the exact durability of your fishing rod by using commands or settings in your game. The command /data get entity @s SelectedItem.tag.Damage will show you the damage value of your fishing rod, which is the number of uses it has left before it breaks. The setting Advanced Tooltips will show you the damage value of your fishing rod when you press F3 + H on your keyboard.

Methods of Repair

There are three main methods of repairing fishing rods in Minecraft: anvil, grindstone, and crafting table. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in detail later. Here is a brief overview of each method:

• Anvil: An anvil is a block that can be used to repair or enchant items using experience levels. You can use an anvil to repair your fishing rod by combining it with another fishing rod or an enchanted book.

• Grindstone: A grindstone is a block that can be used to repair or disenchant items without using experience levels. You can use a grindstone to repair your fishing rod by combining it with another fishing rod.

• Crafting table: A crafting table is a block that can be used to craft various items using materials. You can use a crafting table to repair your fishing rod by placing two damaged fishing rods in the crafting grid.

Combining Two Damaged Fishing Rods

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place two damaged fishing rods in the grid.
  3. Voila! You’ll get a repaired fishing rod with combined durability.

Materials Needed for Anvil Repairs

Strings: Source and collection

Every fishing rod repair starts with strings. They can be collected from spiders or found in various places throughout the game.

Sticks: Crafting and gathering

Sticks are the backbone of your fishing rod. Craft them from wooden planks in your crafting grid.

The Magic of Enchantments

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to repair a fishing rod in Minecraft is by combining two damaged fishing rods. You can do this by using a crafting table or a grindstone. This method will restore some durability to your fishing rod by adding the remaining durability of both rods together, plus an extra 5% bonus.

How to Get the Mending Enchantment

To combine two damaged fishing rods in Minecraft, you need to follow these steps:

Craft or find a crafting table or a grindstone in your world. You can craft a crafting table using four planks, which can be obtained by breaking wood blocks with an axe. You can craft a grindstone using two planks, two sticks, and a stone slab, which can be obtained by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. It crafting tables or grindstones in villages or other structures.
Place the crafting table or the grindstone on a flat surface and interact with it. You should see a menu with three slots: input 1, input 2, and output.
Place the damaged fishing rod in the input 1 slot and another damaged fishing rod in the input 2 slot. You should see the repaired fishing rod in the output slot.
Take the repaired fishing rod from the output slot and place it in your inventory or hotbar.

Applying Mending to Your Fishing Rod

Applying Mending to your fishing rod in Minecraft has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are:

• You can repair your fishing rod using experience points that you collect from fishing or other activities.

• You can save materials and time by not having to craft or find new fishing rods or repair materials.

• You can keep your existing enchantments on your fishing rod by adding Mending to it.

Some of the disadvantages are:

• You need to have enough experience levels to pay for the enchantment cost.

• You need to have an enchanted book with the Mending enchantment to apply it to your fishing rod.

• You may encounter some limitations or penalties when using the anvil, such as the prior work penalty, the too expensive error, or the incompatible enchantments error.

Applying Mending to Your Fishing Rod

Preventing Wear and Tear

Minecraft’s immersive world is taxing on tools. Overuse leads to degradation, rendering tools ineffective. However, with proactive strategies, players can significantly extend tool lifespan.

Enchantments: The magic of Minecraft offers enchantments like ‘Unbreaking’ and ‘Mending’. ‘Unbreaking’ reduces the probability of losing durability, allowing tools to last up to four times longer. Meanwhile, ‘Mending’ uses experience orbs to repair tools automatically, making them virtually immortal.

Smart Usage: Refrain from overusing tools when not necessary. For instance, using a pickaxe to break leaves hastens wear. Match tools with their intended tasks.

Timely Repairs: Use an anvil to merge two of the same tools or combine a tool with its primary material (like iron for an iron pickaxe). This restores durability, ensuring tools remain in top shape.

Backup Tools: Carry backups. Instead of using a single tool until it breaks, alternate between a couple. This reduces rapid wear and prolongs overall tool life.

Alternative Tools: When to Move On

Sometimes, it’s better to craft a new fishing rod. If the repair cost becomes too high, consider starting anew.

Common Mistakes in Fishing Rod Repairs

Over-repairing and neglecting enchantments are common blunders. Always weigh the repair cost against crafting a fresh one.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Repairs

Here are some tips and tricks for combining two damaged fishing rods in Minecraft:

•utilize Overview a crafting table to combine two damaged fishing rods if you want to save space and time, as you can craft and repair your fishing rod in the same block.

• Use a grindstone to combine two destroy fishing rods if you want to remove any unwanted enchantments from your fishing rod, such as Curse of Vanishing or Curse of Binding.

• Apply the same type of fishing rod to integrate with your damaged fishing rod, as this will give you more durability than using a different type of fishing rod.

Customizing Your Fishing Rod

Minecraft offers a realm of possibilities, including personalizing tools. A fishing rod, beyond its basic use, can be tailored for enhanced experiences. Customization hinges on enchantments, which are magical upgrades.

Two primary enchantments boost a rod’s prowess:

  1. Lure: Decreases the waiting time for a catch. With each level, the bite rate improves, making fishing expeditions swifter.
  2. Luck of the Sea: Increases your chances of nabbing valuable treasures over basic fish. It’s like adding a magnet to your rod for rarer finds!

To customize, you’ll need an enchanting table and experience points (XP). Simply place your rod in the table, select your enchantment, and spend the XP. Combining multiple enchantments using an anvil further refines the rod, offering a personalized fishing experience.


Understanding the nuances of fishing rod repairs enhances your Minecraft experience. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, keep this guide handy. With knowledge and the right materials, your fishing expeditions will never face a downtime.


  • How often should I repair my fishing rod?
    Whenever its durability drops significantly.
  • What’s the maximum durability of a fishing rod?
    64 units, but enchantments can extend this.
  • Can I repair an enchanted fishing rod?
    Yes, using an anvil and the right materials.
  • Is there a limit to how many times I can repair a fishing rod?
    Yes, each repair increases the XP cost.
  • Why can’t I repair my fishing rod anymore with the anvil?
    It might’ve reached its repair limit or you lack the required XP.

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