Minecraft Secret Achievements: Discover Hidden Challenges

minecraft secret achievements

Minecraft Secret Achievements: How to Unlock Them All

Minecraft, a game synonymous with creativity, exploration, and discovery, has an intriguing system of achievements that challenges both new players and veterans alike. Among these achievements, some are hidden, known as secret achievements. These mysterious challenges are often more obscure and difficult than the regular ones. In this guide, we’ll unlock the secrets to these achievements for both Bedrock and Java editions. Let’s explore these hidden gems!

What are secret achievements?

Understanding Secret Achievements

Secret achievements differ from regular achievements, presenting a unique challenge in the game. While regular achievements are found on the achievement screen, secret achievements are concealed, only unlocked by special means.

Categories and Examples

Minecraft’s secret achievements span various categories, including gameplay, adventure, nether, end, and husbandry. For example, “Voluntary Exile” involves killing a raid captain, and “How Did We Get Here?” requires having every possible status effect simultaneously.

Benefits of Unlocking

Unlocking secret achievements can lead to discovering new aspects of the game world, from end cities to ocean monuments. It’s a way to have fun, learn, and show off your Minecraft skills.

What are secret achievements?

What are the official ways to unlock secret achievements?

Playing the Game Normally

The official way to unlock these achievements is simply by playing Minecraft. Exploring different biomes, trying new items, and completing other achievements may lead you to these hidden gems.

Helpful Tips

  • Exploring various structures and dimensions.
  • Experimenting with different mobs, blocks, and mechanics.
  • Consulting online guides, videos, or forums.

What are the unofficial ways to unlock secret achievements?

Unofficial Methods

Unlocking secret achievements can be done through unofficial means as well, though these are not endorsed by Mojang Studios or Microsoft.

Third-Party Software

Some third-party apps like MCPE Master or BlockLauncher enable modifications. While these methods exist, they come with risks, including potential violations of terms of service.

Cheat Codes and Commands

Cheat codes such as /achievement or /gamerule can unlock hidden achievements. However, use caution, as this can permanently disable regular achievements in your world.

Glitches and Exploits

Sometimes, glitches like end portal glitches can bypass normal requirements. These come with their own risks and can negatively affect your game experience.

How to use third-party software or apps to unlock secret achievements?

Downloading and Installing

Several third-party apps exist that can modify game data. Download and installation steps for apps like MCPE Master can be found online.

Risks and Drawbacks

These methods might lead to downloading malicious files, violating terms of service, or losing access to official updates. Always proceed with caution.

How to use cheat codes or commands to unlock secret achievements?

Enabling Cheats

Cheat codes can be enabled in both Bedrock and Java editions, giving access to hidden features.

Risks and Drawbacks

Using these cheats may ruin the challenge of the game and lead to legal issues. It’s advisable to use them responsibly.

How to use cheat codes or commands to unlock secret achievements?

How to use glitches or exploits to unlock secret achievements?

Examples and Steps

Glitches like duplication glitches are sometimes used to unlock achievements. These are often detailed online for both Bedrock and Java editions.

Risks and Drawbacks

Using these methods may damage your game files or lead to bans online.


Unlocking Minecraft’s secret achievements is an exciting but complex task. Whether through official exploration or unofficial means, these hidden challenges offer unique rewards and risks. Always remember to play responsibly and enjoy the endless possibilities that the world of Minecraft provides.


  • Q: How many secret achievements are there in Minecraft?
    A: There are 26 secret achievements in Minecraft for Bedrock Edition, and 18 secret advancements in Minecraft for Java Edition.

  • Q: How can I view my secret achievements in Minecraft?
    A: You can view them by opening the achievement screen or checking online on your Microsoft or PlayStation Network account.

  • Q: How can I get help or hints for secret achievements in Minecraft?
    A: Online guides, videos, or forums can be helpful, but be mindful of not spoiling the fun or challenge of discovering them by yourself.

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