Pokemon Secrets: Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash Unveiled!

Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, the Pokemon that can learn Flash are: Pikachu, Raichu, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Clefairy, Clefable, Zubat, Golbat, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, Electrode, Chinchou, Lanturn, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Wooper, Quagsire, Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Pineco, Forretress, Dunsparce, Heracross, Phanpy, Donphan, Stantler, Smeargle, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Miltank, Taillow, Swellow, Wingull, Pelipper, Surskit, Masquerain, Wailmer, Wailord, Illumise, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Shroomish, Breloom, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Minun, Electrike, Manectric, Plusle, Roselia, Tropius, Chimecho, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys.

How Does Flash Work In Pokemon Emerald?

Discover which Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald can learn Flash, an HM move that lights up dark caves. Being able to use Flash is crucial for navigating through the game and uncovering hidden secrets.

Flash As An Hm Move:

In Pokemon Emerald, Flash is a Hidden Machine (HM) move that serves a useful purpose both in and out of battle. It’s an essential move that allows players to navigate through dark caves and other areas with low visibility. As an SEO-friendly content writer, let’s delve into how Flash works and its significance in the game.

Significance Of Flash In The Game:

  • Flash is primarily used to light up dark areas, such as caves, making them easier to explore.
  • Without Flash, navigating through these dark areas becomes challenging and increases the chances of getting lost or encountering wild Pokemon unexpectedly.
  • Having Pokemon that can learn Flash is crucial for players who wish to thoroughly explore every corner of the game and discover hidden items, rare Pokemon, or secret areas.
  • It can also be handy when players need to backtrack or access areas that were previously unreachable due to low visibility.
  • In battles, Flash has limited use, as it only slightly decreases the accuracy of the opposing Pokemon. However, it is more commonly used for its utility outside of battles.

How To Obtain Flash In Pokemon Emerald:

  • In Pokemon Emerald, players can obtain Flash as an HM after defeating the second Gym Leader in Rustboro City.
  • After the battle, players will receive the Stone Badge and TM39, which contains the move Rock Tomb.
  • Once players have the Stone Badge and access to Rusturf Tunnel, they can proceed to the northwest part of the tunnel, where a Hiker NPC will provide them with HM05 – Flash.
  • As with all HM moves, Flash can be taught to compatible Pokemon and used outside of battle to light up dark areas.

Remember, Flash is an indispensable asset for exploring dark caves in Pokemon Emerald. Having a Pokemon that can learn Flash will greatly enhance your gameplay experience by illuminating hidden treasures and ensuring you don’t lose your way in the depths of darkness.

So make sure to obtain this crucial HM and add it to your team’s moveset!

Impact Of Flash Move On Gameplay

Pokemon Emerald players can use the move “Flash” to navigate dark areas. Some of the Pokemon that can learn Flash in the game include Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. The impact of Flash on gameplay is that it provides a helpful tool for exploration.

Enhancing Visibility In Dark Areas

  • Flash is a valuable move in Pokémon Emerald that can illuminate dark areas, making it easier to navigate through caves and dungeons. Here’s how the move impacts gameplay:
  • It can be taught to a variety of Pokémon, allowing trainers to choose the most suitable companion for their journey.
  • The move Flash significantly increases visibility within dark areas, making it indispensable for exploring caves and dungeons.
  • Once a Pokémon learns Flash, trainers can use the move to brighten up these dark spaces, revealing hidden pathways and items that were previously inaccessible.
  • When a Pokémon uses Flash, the surroundings become illuminated, providing a clearer view of the surroundings and reducing the chances of getting lost.
  • Having a Pokémon that knows Flash can save trainers from the frustration of stumbling around in the dark, ensuring a smoother and more efficient exploration experience.

Navigating Caves And Dungeons Effectively

  • Flash enables trainers to navigate through caves and dungeons more effectively, aiding them in discovering hidden treasures and avoiding potential pitfalls. Here are some benefits of using the move:
  • Trainers can easily spot wild Pokémon lurking in dark corners, minimizing the chances of unexpected encounters and allowing for strategic decisions on battles.
  • Illuminating the environment with Flash helps trainers navigate complex mazes, prevents wrong turns, and facilitates a better sense of direction.
  • Pokémon may encounter puzzles or obstacles within caves or dungeons. By using Flash, trainers gain an advantage in solving these challenges by clearly seeing the environment and any hints or clues presented.
  • Flash also allows trainers to locate hidden items more efficiently, increasing the odds of finding rare and valuable treasures.
  • With the ability to utilize Flash, trainers can confidently explore deeper and more dangerous areas, unlocking new opportunities for progress in their Pokémon journey.

Using Flash To Gain A Tactical Advantage In Battles

  • Flash not only enhances visibility but also offers strategic benefits during Pokémon battles. Here’s how players can gain a tactical edge by incorporating the move into their battle strategies:
  • Certain wild Pokémon inhabit dark areas, making it difficult to locate and initiate battles. By using Flash, trainers can attract these elusive Pokémon and engage them in battle.
  • In encounters with trainers or wild Pokémon in dark areas, the move Flash can temporarily lower the accuracy of opposing Pokémon’s moves, reducing their effectiveness in battle.
  • When facing opponents who heavily rely on accuracy-dependent moves, strategically using Flash can disrupt their plans and turn the tide of the battle in the player’s favor.
  • Trainers can also exploit Flash’s blinding effect, potentially forcing opponents to switch Pokémon or lose accuracy bonuses from moves like Swift.
  • Utilizing the Flash move not only aids in illuminating the battlefield but also empowers trainers to implement a wide range of tactical options, offering a competitive advantage in battles.

In Pokémon Emerald, the Flash move plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility in dark areas and providing tactical advantages in battles. Additionally, it facilitates effective navigation through caves and dungeons, ensuring a smoother and more rewarding Pokémon journey. So, choose your Pokémon wisely and make the most of this illuminating move to overcome challenges and discover hidden treasures!

List Of Pokemon That Can Learn Flash In Pokemon Emerald

Discover which Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald can learn the Flash move, providing you with a helpful list for your gaming journey. Explore the roster of Pokemon with this ability to illuminate dark caves and overcome obstacles.


  • Bulbasaur can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Charmander can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Squirtle can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Pikachu can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Eevee can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Chikorita can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Totodile can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Cyndaquil can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Treecko can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Torchic can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Mudkip can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Turtwig can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Chimchar can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.


  • Piplup can learn Flash through HM05 in Pokemon Emerald.

With the HM05 move Flash in Pokemon Emerald, several Pokemon can learn this helpful ability. They include Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. These Pokemon can use Flash to illuminate dark areas and reveal hidden items or paths.

It’s best to have a team member who can learn Flash ready when exploring dark caves or other places with limited visibility. Remember, HM moves like Flash cannot be forgotten easily, so choose your team wisely!

Strategies For Teaching Flash To Pokemon

Looking for strategies for teaching Flash to Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald? Check out this guide to find out which Pokemon can learn this move in the game. Get ready to light up your path!

Pokemon Flash is a useful move in Pokemon Emerald that allows you to illuminate dark areas and navigate through caves. However, not all Pokemon can naturally learn this move. If you’re wondering which Pokemon can learn Flash and how to teach it to them, you’ve come to the right place.

In this section, we’ll explore some strategies for teaching Flash to your Pokemon, including leveling up, breeding, and utilizing TMs.

Leveling Up Pokemon To Learn Flash:

  • There are a few Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald that can naturally learn Flash as they level up.
  • By leveling up these Pokemon, you can teach them Flash without the need for breeding or using TMs.
  • The following Pokemon can learn Flash by leveling up:
  • Pikachu: Pikachu can learn Flash at level 3.
  • Mareep: Mareep can learn Flash at level 8.
  • Houndour: Houndour can learn Flash at level 9.
  • Elekid: Elekid can learn Flash at level 9.
  • Leveling up these Pokemon is a straightforward way to ensure they learn Flash as they progress and gain experience.

Breeding For Flash Move Inheritance:

  • If you don’t have access to the Pokemon mentioned above, you can also breed certain Pokemon that can learn Flash with a compatible parent.
  • By breeding, you can pass down the Flash move to the offspring Pokemon.
  • Here are some Pokemon that can learn Flash through breeding:
  • Pikachu and Raichu: Pikachu or Raichu can learn Flash through breeding with a Pikachu or Raichu that already knows the move.
  • Electrike and Manectric: Electrike or Manectric can learn Flash through breeding with a compatible parent that knows the move.
  • Breeding is a great option for obtaining Flash on Pokemon that don’t naturally learn the move and can expand your options for teaching it to your team.

Utilizing Tms To Teach Flash To Pokemon:

  • TM70, which contains the Flash move, can be found in Granite Cave.
  • The Flash TM can be taught to a wide range of Pokemon that are compatible with TMs.
  • Here are some Pokemon that can learn Flash using the TM:
  • Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot
  • Geodude, Graveler, and Golem
  • Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat
  • Tentacool and Tentacruel
  • Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam
  • Utilizing TMs is a convenient way to teach Flash to Pokemon that you already have on your team without the need for leveling up or breeding.

By considering these strategies, you can teach Flash to a wide range of Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Whether you prefer leveling up, breeding, or utilizing TMs, there are multiple options to ensure your Pokemon are equipped with the Flash move for easy cave navigation.

So go ahead and light up those dark corners with your Flash-capable Pokemon!

Exploring Flash-Compatible Locations In Pokemon Emerald

Discover which Pokemon can learn the HM move Flash in Pokemon Emerald with our comprehensive guide, helping you locate Flash-compatible locations throughout the game.

Dark caves and dungeons:

  • Granite Cave: Located in Dewford Town, Granite Cave is a maze-like cavern with numerous dark areas. As using Flash illuminates the surroundings, it becomes much easier to navigate through the cave and find the necessary items and encounters.
  • Meteor Falls: This stunning location, found near Fallarbor Town, also contains several dimly lit sections where Flash comes in handy. By using the move, you can explore deeper into the meteorite-infested caves, revealing hidden items and potential encounters.

Hidden areas and secret passages:

  • Sky Pillar: Situated on Route 131, the Sky Pillar is a legendary location known for its challenging obstacles and hidden treasures. Flash can assist in uncovering secret passages within the pillar, leading you to rare items and powerful Pokemon encounters.
  • Victory Road: Before heading to the Pokemon League, trainers must conquer Victory Road, an extensive maze filled with formidable opponents. Flash enables you to reveal hidden passages and explore additional areas, granting access to more trainers, items, and wild Pokemon.

Unveiling hidden items and encounters with Flash:

  • Shoal Cave: Located on Route 125, this mystical cave appears differently depending on the time of day. Several dark spots within the cave hide valuable items that can only be revealed by using Flash. Additionally, the move increases your chances of encountering rare Pokemon during high tide.
  • Desert Underpass: While making your way through the vast desert on Route 111, you may stumble upon a hidden underpass. Flash will aid in illuminating this underground path, allowing you to collect hidden items and encounter unique Pokemon species.

By utilizing the Flash move in these various locations throughout Pokemon Emerald, you can navigate dark areas, uncover secret passages, and unveil hidden treasures and encounters. Remember to include a Pokemon in your team that can learn Flash to fully take advantage of these opportunities.

Maximizing The Usefulness Of Flash In Pokemon Emerald

Discover which Pokemon are capable of learning Flash in Pokemon Emerald and make the best use of this valuable move. Unleash the power of illumination with the right Pokemon by your side.

Maximizing The Usefulness Of Flash In Pokémon Emerald

If you’ve been playing Pokémon Emerald, you’re probably familiar with the move Flash. It’s a handy move that illuminates dark caves and makes your journey a little easier. But did you know that Flash isn’t just useful for lighting up the way?

By using it strategically and combining it with other moves, you can enhance its effectiveness and make it a valuable asset in battles and challenges. In this section, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you make the most of Flash in Pokémon Emerald.

Combining Flash With Other Moves For A Broader Range Of Effects:

  • Flash + Confuse Ray: Use Flash to lower the accuracy of your opponent’s moves, then follow up with Confuse Ray to add confusion to the mix. This combination can significantly hinder your opponent’s ability to land attacks effectively.
  • Flash + Double Team: Combine Flash with Double Team to increase your evasiveness and make it even harder for your opponent to hit you. By reducing their accuracy with Flash and then further decreasing the chances of their attacks connecting with Double Team, you can become a challenging target to take down.
  • Flash + Toxic: Inflict poison on your opponent with Toxic, and then use Flash to lower their accuracy. As the poison takes its toll, their reduced accuracy will make it increasingly difficult for them to land hits while you gradually wear them down.

Leveraging Flash For Competitive Battles And Challenges:

  • Flash as a set-up move: In competitive battles, Flash can be used as a set-up move to give your team an advantage. By using Flash early on, you can lower your opponent’s accuracy and potentially force them to switch out Pokémon or waste turns healing their accuracy.
  • Flash for stall teams: If you’re using a stall team strategy, Flash can be a useful move to buy time and wear down your opponent. By decreasing their accuracy, you can force them to take extra turns aiming moves at you, giving your stall team more opportunities to heal and maintain endurance.

Tips And Tricks For Using Flash Strategically In Different Scenarios:

  • Navigating dark caves: Flash is essential for illuminating dark caves, making it easier to navigate and avoid getting lost. It’s always a good idea to keep a Pokémon in your team that can learn Flash to ensure a smooth journey through these challenging environments.
  • Exploring hidden areas: Flash can also reveal hidden items hidden in the darkness of caves or underground areas. Make sure to use Flash in various spots to uncover valuable treasures that might be lurking unseen.
  • Preparing for battle: Before entering a dark cave or an area with reduced visibility, it’s always a good idea to teach Flash to one of your Pokémon. This way, you’ll be ready to light up the surroundings and avoid any surprises when encountering wild Pokémon or trainers.

By combining Flash with other moves, leveraging it in battles and challenges, and using it strategically in different scenarios, you can maximize its usefulness in Pokémon Emerald. Experiment with different strategies and see how Flash can become a valuable tool in your Pokémon journey.

Remember, there’s more to this move than meets the eye!

Training Tips For Flash-Learning Pokemon

Discover the top Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald that can learn Flash with these helpful training tips. Illuminate your way through dungeons and dark areas with these flash-learning Pokemon.

Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash In Pokemon Emerald?

If you’re playing Pokemon Emerald and looking to navigate the dark caves and dungeons, the Flash move can be a lifesaver. Not only does it illuminate your path, but it also helps you uncover hidden items. In this section, we’ll explore the most efficient ways to teach Flash to your Pokemon, the ideal timing for doing so, and how to make the most of this move within your Pokemon’s moveset.

Efficient Leveling Techniques For Fast Flash Acquisition:

  • Use EXP Share: Equipping your Pokemon with the EXP Share item is a great way to quickly level them up. As your Pokemon gain experience points in battles, the Pokemon holding the EXP Share will also receive a portion of those points, making leveling up faster and more efficient.
  • Battle trainers with high-level Pokemon: Challenging trainers with higher-level Pokemon not only provides a greater amount of experience points but also speeds up the leveling process. Seek out trainers with strong teams to maximize your Pokemon’s growth.
  • Utilize the Lucky Egg item: The Lucky Egg is a rare item that boosts the amount of experience points your Pokemon earns in battle. If you can obtain this valuable item, your Pokemon will level up even faster.

Ideal Timing For Teaching Flash To Optimize Progression In The Game:

  • Before venturing into dark areas: It is advisable to teach Flash to one of your Pokemon before entering any dark caves or dungeons. By doing so, you will ensure you have the necessary light to navigate these areas and reduce the chances of encountering powerful wild Pokemon unprepared.
  • After acquiring Flash: Once you receive the HM Flash in the game, teach it to a Pokemon with high Special Attack or Special Defense stats to maximize their Flash moves’ effectiveness. This way, you can take advantage of the move’s illuminating capabilities as well as its battles.
  • While aiming for a balanced team: Consider teaching Flash to a Pokemon that can benefit from its utility move while also complementing the rest of your team’s movesets. A well-rounded team is key to success in battles and progressing through the game.

Leveraging Flash As Part Of A Well-Rounded Moveset For Pokemon:

  • Combining Flash with damaging moves: Teach Flash to a Pokemon that can learn and make use of damaging moves alongside it. This way, you can utilize Flash’s utility in dark areas while still maintaining offensive capabilities during battles.
  • Considering strategic options: Flash can also be used tactically in battles. For example, you can use it to lower an opponent’s accuracy, making their moves less likely to hit. Utilize Flash strategically to create openings for your Pokemon to strike.
  • Exploring synergies with other moves: If you have a Pokemon with moves that benefit from reduced accuracy or opponents missing their attacks, Flash can be a valuable addition to their moveset. Experiment with different combinations to find synergies that work well for your team.

With these training tips and strategies, you’ll be able to teach Flash to your Pokemon efficiently, at the right time in the game, and make the most of its utility and battling potential. So get ready to explore the dark corners of Pokemon Emerald with confidence!

Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash in Pokemon Emerald?

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Frequently Asked Questions For Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash In Pokemon Emerald?

Which Pokemon Can Learn Flash?

The following Pokemon can learn the move Flash: Pikachu, Meowth, Zubat, Jigglypuff, Poliwag, Abra, and more.

How Do You Teach Pokemon Flash In Emerald?

To teach Pokemon flash in Emerald, follow these steps: Obtain HM05, enter a dark cave, select a Pokemon capable of learning flash, and use the HM on it.

Who To Teach Flash To Pokemon Ruby?

Teach Flash to a Pokemon in Ruby by using the HM item and selecting a compatible Pokemon.

Where Do You Learn Flash In Pokemon?

You can learn Flash in Pokemon by obtaining the HM05 from the Vermilion City Gym.


Pokemon Emerald offers several options when it comes to teaching the HM move Flash to your Pokemon. This move is not only helpful in lighting up dark caves and navigating through them, but it also opens up new pathways and hidden secrets.

The most reliable Pokemon to teach Flash to are likely to be the Electric-type pokemon, as they have a natural affinity for electricity. However, other options include some Ground-type and Rock-type Pokemon, who can also learn this move. Keep in mind that when deciding which Pokemon to teach Flash to, it’s important to consider their overall capabilities and your team’s needs.

Whether you choose Pikachu, Mareep, or Geodude, teaching Flash can greatly enhance your Pokemon’s utility and help you on your journey in the Pokemon Emerald game. So, go ahead and experiment with different Pokemon to find the best fit for Flash in your team.

Good luck and happy exploring!

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