How to Tame a Ravager in Minecraft: Separating Fact from Fiction

How to Tame a Ravager in Minecraft

Minecraft, a world of endless possibilities and adventures, is home to a plethora of creatures and challenges. Among these, the formidable Ravagers stand out, captivating players with their raw power and imposing presence. But can these colossal creatures truly be tamed? In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of taming Ravagers, dispelling myths and uncovering the reality of this captivating endeavor.


As the sun rises over the pixelated landscapes of Minecraft, players embark on quests of survival and creativity. Among the many creatures that inhabit this world, Ravagers loom large, known for their brute force and fearsome appearance. But beneath their intimidating exterior lies the potential for companionship and control. In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets to taming these colossal beasts and harnessing their might to your advantage.

Section 1: Ravagers Unveiled

1.1 The Nature of Ravagers

Ravagers, towering hulks of destruction, are not merely mindless mobs. Their origins trace back to the pillagers, a faction known for their hostile incursions. These powerful creatures, resembling a twisted blend of bull and bear, possess formidable strength and resilience. Understanding their nature is essential to the taming process.

1.2 Ravager Behavior

Contrary to common belief, Ravagers exhibit nuanced behaviors beyond simple aggression. Their actions are triggered by various stimuli, from the presence of players to the proximity of their pillager counterparts. Unraveling these behavior patterns is crucial to successfully taming and controlling these mighty creatures.

Taming Ravagers

Section 2: Preparing for Taming

2.1 Gathering Resources

Taming a Ravager requires careful preparation. Acquiring essential items such as golden apples, a saddle, and a lead is pivotal to the process. These resources, combined with other crafting materials, ensure you’re well-equipped to embark on this challenging endeavor.

2.2 Choosing the Right Location

Location is paramount when attempting to tame a Ravager. Constructing a secure enclosure, fortified against external threats, provides the ideal setting for the taming process. The right environment not only safeguards you but also guarantees the safety of the creature you seek to befriend.

Section 3: The Taming Process

3.1 Acquiring a Ravager

To initiate the taming journey, you must first locate a Ravager. These creatures often accompany pillager patrols, appearing alongside their raiding counterparts. Engaging with them strategically and employing the right tactics is the initial step towards earning their trust.

3.2 Gaining Trust

Trust is the foundation of taming. Ravagers, though fearsome, can be swayed through offerings of food. The right items, carefully selected, serve as a bridge to their companionship. Patience and persistence are your allies as you work to establish a rapport.

3.3 Taming Ritual

With trust established, the taming ritual can commence. Guiding the Ravager through a series of actions and commands solidifies your bond. Successfully completing the ritual cements your status as its master, marking the culmination of your efforts.

Section 4: Mastering Your Ravager

4.1 Establishing Control

While tamed, Ravagers retain their independent spirit. Training them to follow commands requires dedication and consistency. Through patient instruction and positive reinforcement, you can mold their behavior to align with your wishes.

4.2 Customizing Your Ravager

Minecraft’s creative mode extends to Ravagers as well. Outfitting these creatures with armor and accessories enhances their capabilities. Leverage their unique attributes to your advantage and craft a fearsome companion tailored to your playstyle.

4.3 Utilizing in Combat

Ravagers, once mastered, become invaluable assets in battles. Their brute strength and resilience can turn the tide of engagements, particularly during raids. Integrating them into your combat strategies adds a new dimension to your gameplay, proving their worth in the heat of battle.

Section 5: Advanced Techniques

5.1 Breeding Ravagers

Unlocking the potential of Ravagers extends to their offspring. Breeding these creatures yields new generations with unique traits and attributes. This advanced technique opens avenues for experimentation and optimization within the realm of Ravager companionship.

5.2 Ravagers in Farming

Beyond combat, Ravagers serve as efficient farming companions. Their ability to destroy certain blocks aids in resource gathering, streamlining the process of acquiring essential materials. Integrating Ravagers into your farming routines maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Useful Ravager-Related Mods

Section 6: Ravagers in Exploration

6.1 Expeditions with Ravagers

The vast and diverse landscapes of Minecraft beckon explorers, and Ravagers can be indispensable companions on these journeys. Navigating challenging terrains, from dense forests to treacherous mountains, is made more manageable with these mighty creatures by your side.

6.2 Overcoming Environmental Obstacles

Ravagers possess unique abilities that prove invaluable in overcoming environmental obstacles. From breaking down barriers to traversing obstacles, their strength and resilience provide innovative solutions to challenges that would otherwise impede your progress.

Section 7: Ravager Care and Maintenance

7.1 Health and Healing

Maintaining the well-being of your tamed Ravager is essential. Monitoring their health and administering timely healing ensures their continued loyalty and effectiveness. Understanding their nutritional needs and providing suitable sustenance guarantees their vitality.

7.2 Feeding and Nourishment

Satiating the appetites of your Ravagers is a fundamental responsibility. Knowing their dietary preferences and supplying the appropriate food sources is integral to their overall health and performance. A well-fed Ravager is a reliable companion in your Minecraft endeavors.

Section 8: Challenges and Rewards

8.1 Achievements and Milestones

Mastering the art of Ravager taming unlocks achievements and milestones that mark your accomplishments. These in-game rewards serve as testaments to your dedication and skill, showcasing your prowess as a Ravager handler within the Minecraft community.

8.2 Overcoming Challenges

The path to Ravager mastery is not without its challenges. From navigating the intricacies of their behavior to adapting your strategies during combat, each hurdle presents an opportunity for growth. Overcoming these challenges solidifies your bond with these imposing creatures.


In the expansive world of Minecraft, taming a Ravager transcends fiction and becomes a tangible reality. Through understanding their nature, meticulous preparation, and patient dedication, players can forge unbreakable bonds with these awe-inspiring creatures. As you journey through the diverse landscapes, accompanied by your loyal Ravager companion, you’ll find that the line between myth and reality blurs, giving rise to an unparalleled sense of achievement and connection.


  1. What are the best weapons for fighting Ravagers in Minecraft?

Ranged weapons, such as bows or crossbows, are highly recommended for fighting Ravagers, as they allow you to attack from a safe distance. Additionally, using enchanted weapons can help increase your damage output.

  1. Can Ravagers break blocks in Minecraft?

Ravagers can destroy specific types of blocks, such as crops, leaves, and flowers. However, they cannot break through solid blocks like stone or wood.

  1. Do Ravagers always spawn during raids?

Ravagers spawn during higher-level raid waves, so they will not appear during every raid. The number of waves and the types of mobs that spawn depend on the player’s difficulty setting and the level of the “Bad Omen” effect.

  1. Can I breed Ravagers in Minecraft?

No, breeding Ravagers is not possible in vanilla Minecraft. They are hostile mobs and do not have a breeding mechanic.

  1. Do Ravagers despawn?

Ravagers, like other hostile mobs, will despawn if the player moves far enough away or if the game’s difficulty is set to “Peaceful.” However, Ravagers that are part of an active raid will not despawn until the raid is over.

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